Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Walk...


There's an essential spiritual element when I enter the temple doors.  I can feel the essence of upliftment as my shoulders shrug off all worldly weight.  I feel a substance to my soul that has root and meaning.  I’m even more elated when I bring my own printed pink slips of paper after an ambitious endeavor of searching my family branches out far beyond my own recourses.   I love family history work and there’s an abundant strength that comes from doing the work we were sent here to do.

     Until a few weeks ago, I had never entered the temple doors before with my own pink slips of paper, inked with a person’s name I personally searched for.  I read a Conference talk from Elder Bednar titled, The Hearts of the Children Shall Turn, and my heart did just that, when I read this promise:

     I started attending classes at my local Family History Center and started searching for names on Family Search.  I’m addicted to it.  I kneel in prayer before searching, and I can feel the spirit guide me.  I also firmly believe that the veil is thin when we do this work because they’re doing the same work on the other side.  I’ve been guided to names, not knowing how I got there.

     My son just turned eight and I’m now focusing on getting him excited about this work. We've since had two Pizza & Posterity family nights, where I told neat stories about our ancestors. I know that family history work is exploding just as globally and as big as missionary work.  This topic and educational walk changed my future.

Family History For the Youth

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